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"Too bad I moved away from this city! I used to be a frequent customer. Every time I would visit and dine in or take out, I was always very satisfied with the very delicious taste and quality of their awesome Puerto Rican dishes and appetizers! I really love the Jibarito sandwich with Arroz con Gandules along with several other dishes i have tried. I really can say that all their food like the Pastelillos, Alcapurrias, Rellenos de Papa are all very tasty compared to other places! Dining in is always a pleasure! Take my word on it and see for yourself! Enjoy!"

"Love me some Ponce! Been coming here for years. everything on the menu is delicious. The owner who runs the place is the best. Great customer service. The food and service makes up for that."

"So nice to be introduced to a restaurant other than Borinquen. Ponce is the go to now. Better quality and better everything. Had the jibarito and the bistec sandwich and ive been wanting it everyday since. Prices are so ridiculously low to me and just by eyeing the clientele I know this place is legit. Big ups to my cousin for suggesting."

"Good Puerto Rican restaurants are hard  to come by in Chicago but when I find one it's automatically put on rotation. Ponce is one that does not disappoint. The alcapurrias are close to my Mami's and the portions are huge!"

"It's really hard to find good PR food in Chicago.  So happy we checked this place out.  This place made my husband and I feel like we were back in the Bronx!  Ah good times.  Can't wait to return!"

"The one lady who covers the register makes this place even better than we could imagine. We came in a half hour before closing (7 pm) with a party of 12. Naturally, ordering for everyone was an ordeal, but she smiled throughout the whole process. When we continued to ask for extras and refills, not once did she stop smiling. We were the last ones out at 7:30 and were all very satisfied with the Jibaritos and lechon sandwiches. Come here!"

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Phone:  (773) 486-3148



Open: 10am - 8:00pm

Monday - Sunday

Last sit-down meal is at 6:30pm



4313 W. Fullerton Ave

Chicago, IL  60639