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Food Truck

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Ponce is mobile! Where will we be next?

First stop, Employee Appreciation Day at

St. Mary Campus

We had the pleasure to serve our delicious Puerto Rican cuisine at AMITA Health Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center Chicago. This was our first event showcasing our new food truck! Just a first of many. The menu included pollo guisado, arroz con gandules, steak sandwiches, and a side of bread. It fills us up with joy knowing we were feeding first responders, especially during these times. Everyone was so welcoming....and hungry! :)

Our second location : Chicago & Larrabee

We fed hungry employees at Groupon on their lunch breaks. The response from people online and in person has been extremely positive. Thank you all for the continued support. None of this is possible without you. If you want us to go to a local food truck festival in your area, please let us know!

Normally, we go to festivals and take a tent, but the food truck is opening so many new doors for us. We cannot wait to serve you at your next private event! No need to go to the restaurant when we can come directly to you.

We're beyond happy to say PONCE IS NOW MOBILE!


We are available for corporate events, birthday parties, and weddings!

Please give us a call to book the food truck today.

Follow us on TikTok :D

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