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Check out our
Fall Catering Menu!

Our fall specials are perfect for bringing warmth and flavor to your Friendsgiving feasts, work events, and any other autumn celebration.

Share the sabor of Ponce this season!
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Seasonal Trays

(Now until the Super Bowl) 
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Hungry Bear

24pcs - Chicken (Pollo)

14pcs - Fried Plantains (Tostones)

10pcs - Mini Mofongo

2lbs - Fried Pork Chunks (Carne Frita)

1lb - Blood Sausage (Morcilla)


4 - Alcapurrias

2 - Mini Alcapurrias de Yuca

2 - Fried Stuffed Potatoes

(Papa Rellena)

2 - Mini Corn Fritters (Sorullos)


* Includes hot sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, and garlic.


Touchdown (large)

12 - Mini Alcapurrias

12 - Mini Alcapurrias de Yuca

12 - Corn Fritters (Sorullos)

12 - Pastelillos (Beef Empanada)

12 - Fried Stuffed Potatoes

(Papa Rellenas)


Touchdown (small)

6 - Mini Alcapurrias

6 - Mini Alcapurrias de Yuca

6 - Corn Fritters (Sorullos)

6 - Pastelillos (Beef Empanada)

6 - Fried Stuffed Potatoes

(Papa Rellenas)

Tostones Rellenos



Ponce is a family-owned business that has been serving authentic Puerto Rican cuisine to residents of Chicago since 1998. Our dishes are packed with all the flavors of the island. 

“This place has delicious homemade Puerto Rican food! Reminds me of my mom's home cooking. If you are looking for authentic Puerto Rican food, look no more. Come to this place, you will not be disappointed!”

Margie M. | yelp



We proudly serve the most authentic Puerto Rican food in Chicago that will transport you right back home. We strive to bring you the best island experience. Join us for indoor dining or let us cater your next event!

Chuleta Can Can
Hours of Operation
We are open every day

10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Hours may differ during the holidays
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