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A Taste of Puerto Rico

Ponce provides affordable, authentic food with fast service and a great atmosphere. We are a family-owned business that enjoys serving our customers the food we grew up on. Our passion is making sure that our customers have the most authentic meal in a warm and cozy environment.


We have been around for over 26 years and provide some of the most authentic Puerto Rican dishes in the city of Chicago. Let our dining area make you feel right at home. Thank you for supporting us for so many years and we hope to continue to do so for the next 26+ years!

Our History

Authenticity at its finest

Our family is originally from Ponce, Puerto Rico. We established the restaurant to bring you delicious dishes like piononos, sorullos, mofongo, arroz con gandules, and many others that live in all Puerto Rican kitchens. We've been open since March 6, 1998 and still going strong! Ponce showcases techniques rooted in Puerto Rico, but it is also influenced by our regionality. 

We serve our community with pride and work continuously on
creating food products that showcase our heritage. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our quality home-cooked foods. Just like our mom made it, with lots of love and flavor!
- Ponce Family

Puerto Rican cuisine is characterized by a distinctive blend of cultural influences - from the Spanish, Americans, Africans, and the Taíno – an indigenous group of people from Puerto Rico. It uses indigenous seasonings and ingredients such as coriander, papaya, cacao, and plantains. Locals call their cuisine "Cocina Criolla". The seasonings and flavors are bright, bold, and comforting. 

What is Puerto Rican Cuisine?
Lechón Asado | Pig Roast

Pig is the most popular protein in Puerto Rico. On the island, you will find roads that are lined with restaurants called lechoneras; all dedicated to roasting whole pigs. We aim to recreate that experience here in Chicago. Stay in touch to find out when we will be roasting our next pig!

Pernil Asado - Slow-roasted marinated pork with a savory garlic crust.

Lechón - Roasted whole pork

Lechonera - Restaurant that specializes in roasted pork

TOP 25 

Best Puerto Rican Restaurants In The US

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Customer Reviews

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“Los testimonios funcionan muy bien. Mostrando sus reseñas entre comillas  tiene un efecto poderoso en los clientes y los hace  confiar en ti."

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